Fulfilling Dreams of Deserving Children

Our Mission

The world is incredible and there are so many amazing opportunities available to a large percentage of kids. Every child should have access to unique experiences, the knowledge that their community cares for them and hope for their future. Believe in Dreams® is a non-profit organization that was created to help fulfill dreams for children who are economically disadvantaged and have suffered from a non-medical hardship. We provide a little joy and happiness to kids who have had a rough time. We believe in giving them hope that things can turn around and get better.

Criteria for Referral

  • Child must be referred by a professional nominator (ie: schools, child serving agencies, etc.)
  • Child is under 18 on date of application submission
  • Child is disadvantaged economically and has experienced a non-medical hardship or traumatic event. (View examples)

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Dream Opportunities

Dream Experience examples: A game, concert, lessons, amusement park, meeting someone special, material item, etc. The possibilities are endless and experiences are tailored specifically to the child’s responses on their application. Currently all dream experiences are limited to Northeast Ohio.

Phone: 440-484-2376  ·  Email: eddie@believeindreams.org

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